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UPDATED on September 18th,  2017

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Space Coast Sams

Florida Chapter 10

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We are a  long established group of campers (the 2nd oldest Good Sam Chapter in the State of Florida) that enjoys getting out in the rig once in a while and interacting with our Chapter family members at monthly camp outs and at Good Sam Rally’s.. As a group we are welcoming towards new potential members, and encourage you to get to know us!

How can you join?   Contact our President or Wagon Master to sign up for a camp out as a Guest Potential Member. Recently we affirmed our Chapter requirement that all prospective members should camp out with us for at least three camp outs. These can be any publicized Space Coast Sam events or State Rallys and include our “extra” camp out summer activities.  After you have camped with us three times you are eligible to request membership status. (Membership Application, PDF download).

 Our Current Activities tab lists our next two upcoming events, and contact information on Officers is on our The Board tab.  The Campouts Tab lists ALL of the upcoming campouts that have been scheduled. Joining a Good Sam Chapter is a great way to get out monthly with your RV and create memories with new friends in a low-key, fun atmosphere. “Join Us” photo-album.

Website Navigation:  The two pages or "tabs" that change the most, and contain the most current information, are the Chapter News and the Current Activities tabs.  These pages are where we post the most updates, especially when a camp-out is getting close and additional information such as directions,  planned recreational activities are added to the event. Minutes are posted on the Documents Tab, and photo’s on the Photo-Video Tab.

On the left side of every page (tab) is a Search box.  This is search specific to our website and our documents on it.  We have minutes in the Documents tab that go back to October 2012, and all of the filed documents will be searched, and then linked to the source document. Other documents such as by-laws and standing rules are also on the site, and hence indexed and a part of the search. It's a heck of a lot easier than going through a cardboard box looking for something :). Type in any word or phrase and try it - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised !!

Visit our Photo’s and Video tab to visually see the members of Space Coast Sams and our activities.

Our meetings are held  January thru May and September  thru December during campouts..  Normally we camp  the first full weekend of each month except we attend State Rally’s in April and November or as scheduled. Officially the campouts are Friday through Sunday, but most of us who are retired go Thursday through Sunday.

Questions on joining?  Start with our Q & A page. If you can’t find your answer here on our site, then contact any of our Chapter Officers by telephone or e-mail. We’d like to meet you!


[Space Coast Sams] [Chapter News] [Current Activities] [The Board] [Contact Us] [Chapter Chat Newsletter] [Documents] [Campouts] [Photo's & Video] [FAQ] [Camping Links] [Disclaimer]