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UPDATED on September 30th,  2017

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Florida Chapter 10

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Q & A

Q: How do I attend one of your scheduled camp-outs?

A: Contact our President or Wagonmaster by telephone or e-mail and tell them what function you’re thinking of attending. We’ll take it from there and reserve you a space with us for that weekend.

Q: Where do you normally camp?

A: We try to stay within 100 miles of the Titusville area if possible. See our Campout Page for our current scheduled camp outs.

Q: How do I learn about Space Coast Sams?

A: You will be assigned a Chapter Sponsor during your first camp out with the Chapter, who will answer your questions and help you get comfortable with the group.

Q:  Where do you order the Space Coast Sams blue shirts & jacket?

A: Click this link to view details. President Bob has the catalog in his rig.

Q: How do I become a member of Space Coast Sams?

 A: Contact our President or Wagon Master to sign up for a camp out as a Guest Potential Member. Recently we affirmed our Chapter requirement that all prospective members should camp out with us for at least three camp outs. These can be any publicized Space Coast Sam events or State Rallys and include our “extra” camp out summer activities.  After you have camped with us three times you are eligible to request membership status. (Membership Application, PDF download).

[Space Coast Sams] [Chapter News] [Current Activities] [The Board] [Contact Us] [Chapter Chat Newsletter] [Documents] [Campouts] [Photo's & Video] [FAQ] [Camping Links] [Disclaimer]